OK, here it is the 1st day of the project. It was one of those days when you're glad you work with brilliant people. By the end of the day, we moved the neon HOTEL lower so we have access to the sign. The duet between the crane and the boom was beautiful. synchronicity. Gentle scrubbing, a light shower and we are good to go for tomorrow, Saturday September 15. everybody worked hard and smart. We overcame a lot of obstacles today which typically happen on the 1st day of projects like this. We got lucky, but you make your own luck when you work hard. ... see you tomorrow
Eddy's Ghost Sign - Day One.
Eddy's Ghost Sign - Day Two.
Eddy's Bread Ghost sign restoration Day 2. The Day we got our groove! We started Saturday morning with mixing paint and getting the right paint brushes. Nancy and Jim drew a deep breath and prepared to spend most of the day 50 feet in the air. The ODD FELLOWS sign came back to life. The letters haven't been seen for many years. The bright 'eddy's red" color strted to bring color to the Iron Front's north side. As the day continued, the red and white colors started to brighten up the 400 block of Last Chance Gulch. The crew worked into the night. A full day.
Eddy's Ghost Sign - Day Three
Day 3. A rock n' roll Sunday. the morning started out with the typical Montana chill. It didn't warm out until 3 in the afternoon on the that north wall. Smokey skies and plently of coffee helped has us through the day. We were treated to live blue grass music and plenty of onlookers. Dancers in the parking lot and youngsters skipping to their own music. by 6 o'clock we were cleaning our brushes for the last time. Our next phase is to bring back the "ghost" to the sign. We will age it tomorrow and seal it on Tuesday.